It’s My Birthday!!

In the last 5 years that I have celebrated my birthday as a mom, things have changed so much. I remember celebrating my first birthday after Tutu was born and she was still so tiny and we spent the day cuddling. Over the last few years my birthday has definitely become less relaxing but no less wonderful.

I have watched my children grow so much this last year. And especially the last few months. Tutu is back at school and dance. That alone keeps us busy, 5 half days in the afternoon plus 2 nights of dance. We did make the decision to keep Tutu in another year of preschool verses sending her to kindergarten. Her June birthday would have made her one of the youngest students and we felt she need more time to mature.

Tubie is also in school now. Everyone comes to our house to see her. So once a week she gets 30 minutes of PT, OT, ST and a teacher. She is loving all her therapists and her teacher. Some days are great and others she is a crab. But she is 3 so what more can we expect.

She is also mobile and pulling to a stand. Which is such a wonderful thing to watch. 

In general both girls are thriving and happy but we are still struggling hard with Tubie’s blood sugar. We had 2 inpatient stays that didn’t get us answers because to be able to run the tests she has to drop below 50. And she never did. I have a theory that it has something to do with the fact when she is at home she never stops moving and in the hospital that is not as much of an option. We are seeing a new endocrinologist this week on the advice of our current endocrinologist . At the same time we will be meeting with her genetics doctor. Hopefully they will have some ideas.

Nurse’s are amazing people. And pediatric nurses rank amongst the most amazing. These nurses having been taking care of Tubie since she was 3 months old. And their hearts hurt just like mine when she needs held down.

Tubie’s hair grows so fast. Seriously you should be jealous of this kid’s hair. The wonderful lady who cuts her hair sat on the ground vs us having to fight her to stay still.

We go to a local play cafe regularly and this was the first time Tubie ventured into the big area by herself. She was excited for all the new toys.

Trying to stand.

We introduced Tutu to “girl’s night”! She loves face masks.

I am ending this blog post with all the fun things that we have been up to lately. Both girls are growing so fast but the leaps and bounds made by Tubie these last few months have blown me away!! When they say the days are long but the years are short, they are definitely not lying.

Also you may notice that Tubie is glasses free in these pictures. Someone has taken to removing her glasses and using her teeth to scratch them.

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