How I Prepared for Vacation with a Special Needs Child!!

“Vacation” with young children is still a lot of work. Add in everything it takes to bring a child with special needs to the store let alone to an entirely different city and plan on staying for a month.

I am so incredibly thankful and blessed to have family that lives in great destinations. My mom lives outside Pigeon Forge, TN. We try and visit her every summer for a couple weeks. And the girls and I enjoy it. My husband’s job really makes it hard for him to join us.

This year for spring break, my husband and Tutu went to Orlando to visit his mom. Tutu was begging to come back with Tubie and I before she even left. That is when the planning started.

The first step was to make phone calls to the medical supply companies. I needed to see if we could use a different address for a month. So I made arrangements to have Tubies feeding tube supplies, formula and growth hormones orders for June to be sent to my mother in laws house. We also have a Hello Bello diaper subscription that I had sent down. This was a huge thing and made our ability to travel “light” work. We now had all necessary medical supplies, food, growth hormones and diapers ready for us to arrive.

I then went through the girls summer clothes and if they needed anything that could wait until Florida(Tutu needed new sandals that couldn’t wait) it was ordered online and sent straight there. I also ordered a pack and play and sheets to be sent down for Tubies sleeping arrangements.

Because we are definitely going to the beach while here I shipped down Tubies pop up tent and purchased myself a new sun hat and Rainbow Sandals(these are my first pair and I am hoping they break in soon and are as great as people claim).

The final shipment went down in the form of a big box filled with bottles, med syringes, our clothes and toys for Tubie.

This meant that I just had to pack the suitcases with the stuff we needed until the last minute. So we arrived at the airport with 2 suitcases to check, the diaper bag, a cooler with liquid meds and backpacks with the things for the girls to do on the plane. A few days before we left, it became clear the the trip my husband had put on the trade board was not getting picked up and I was going to be doing the trip down alone.

Everything but the two suitcases fit under the stroller. Going through TSA was a bit of work but everyone was super helpful and it was pretty painless. We flew Southwest and everyone was amazing. From the gate agent who put us in the preboarding category (we were on the plane before they even started A boarding) and the flight attendants that got us settled and then helped us get off the plane. I seriously could not have asked for an easier trip. Tubie wasn’t feeling well and really wanted to sleep but couldn’t due to the angle of her car seat so there was a lot of fussing and some crying.

It took a lot of planning to get here and it was a bit stressful at times. But overall it went smooth and we are looking forward to a month without doctor or therapy appointments. And I am excited for the girls to get to spend time with Grammy.

Through TSA and waiting to board.
I was able to strap Tubies car seat to the back of the stroller so one less thing to carry.
She was unsure about what she was getting into.
Sucker to help her ears pop.

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