Summer Kick Off And First Ever Recital Week!!

Wow!! What a week!!

We started the week with some worry. When Tubie woke up on Sunday morning her sugar was low. We decided to stay home from church just in case. It did yo-yo for most of the day but came up with just food so we avoid the hospital.

We did however make it to celebrate a friend’s bridal shower. I am sad we will be gone for her wedding but was happy to share in a small part of her day! And it wore Tubie out. The random nap did have me a bit worried she was still fighting something.

I walked into the living room to this. After moving her to her crib she slept another hour.

Monday was less eventful. Tubie and I had OMM appointments and Tutu had recital rehearsal.

On Tuesday we went to the zoo with Michelle and kids from My Life Untied. If you are not following her and her adorable kiddos, do so now!!

Learning about animal fur.

Could this sweet boy be anymore photogenic!!

Touching a snake. Tutu loves reptiles.

Somewhere I have a similar picture of Tutu like this.

After the zoo Tutu had her final rehearsal for ballet.

Wednesday Tubie had a therapy evaluation(she has to do this to do new goals a few times a year) and she was not into it at all. 🤣 Poor thing was off her game.

Then came the big night. Tutu’s first ballet recital. If you have never watch tiny ballet dancers on stage, I recommend you do this at some point in your life because it is too cute for words.

Could this costume be any cuter?!?
Doing her hair and makeup may have been her favorite part!

Thursday we played outside and I was completely amazed when Tubie got in the pool and not only didn’t cry but actually played. Every other time I have tried a pool in her almost 3 years of life has failed. It was a small kiddie pool but I have hope for the summer.

Our day in the sun was followed by Acro Rehearsal for her Friday night recital. She insisted on cartwheeling 🤸‍♀️ all the way to the car. I swear getting this child to just walk sometimes is more work then trying to convince to just take a step.

Friday involved a trip to the gym(I am currently in love with spin class) and a quick trip to the grocery store.

But the highlight of the night was Tutu’s Acro Recital! She did so well and was super cute. And I am not going to lie and say that number will not forever in our minds be remembered as the one the Tutu did the potty dance the entire time. But for being a 4 year old who had to go to the bathroom but had to wait, she nailed it and was super adorable!!

My little Jane of the Jungle!!

And that is our week. It was fun and long and kinda exhausting. I am glad it is over but made some great memories.

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