Shopping Frustrations

This week I needed to go into Hobby Lobby for one thing. It should have been fairly easy. Tubie was hot so I chose the GoTo seat over wearing her. Since I just needed one thing and it was too big for her stroller basket, we needed to use a cart. I love craft store shopping and have nothing against the store. I love my GoTo seat because it allows Tubie to shop with us. However due to the size of the carts, it was a total failure. By the time we left, I was stressed, Tubie was crying and Tutu was upset because I was just trying to get her moving through the parking lot. There is something everyone can do to try and help. First, we are blessed to have a GoTo Seat. It is not possible for all families. Second, sometimes as special needs moms, we just need to get a few things and don’t want to take equipment out to get it. So if you can take a copy of this pamphlet for the GoTo Shop and share it with all your stores. Let them know how much it will help families like ours. The Caroline Carts are amazing but designed for bigger children. The age requirement is 48 months and I am not even sure Tutu would fit at that age. So if you can please share with all your stores and also with all your friends. The more companies see the need. The more likely it will happen!!

What she looked like by the end of our shopping trip.

When the cart is bigger, this seat is absolutely amazing.

One thought on “Shopping Frustrations

  1. That must be so frustrating!! Ugh! Just another example of the things I would never think about without a kiddo with special needs. I am so thankful for your sharing – thanks so much for continuing to open my eyes. Inclusion is SO IMPORTANT, and all stores should be committed to this by now.


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