Tutu’s First Day of School

This week Tutu started preschool. This in and of itself is a huge milestone. But it was very bittersweet for me. While I am extremely proud of her, this was never apart of our plan.

She was so excited for her sign.
Tutu and mama.
She told everyone about her new “packpack”!
Tutu and daddy.

Before we started planning our family, really before we were even engaged, we planned to homeschool our children. I wanted them at home with me. I did so much research and was so excited for homeschooling. Then Tubie came along and time to homeschool wasn’t there. I wasn’t getting one on one time with Tutu who was craving learning more things and with Tubie’s therapy and appointments putting Tutu in school only made sense. Once again our plan has shifted(you seeing my new life motto yet) and things have definitely change. Tutu is loving school and her teachers truly care about her. We currently have a plan for the future as far as schooling goes but let’s face it, nothing ever goes as planed.

Tubie wanted in on the picture action.
Started a first day tradition!

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